It is more important now with covid 19 keeping us at home to have are great outdoor living space that we can soak up some sun and get out of the house. Decks provide us with the extra living space so we can do this and in Sydney we are lucky enough that warmer climate allows us to do this all year round. There are allot of considerations to make when planning a deck, the main reason for it, furniture you plan to have and how much sun the area gets as it may need shade cover if it gets really hot in that area. You also need to consider utilities that you or for example a plumber may need access to. Hatches or access panels can be built in for this.

Merbau deck installed in Marsfield by Mj Leckie Carpentry
Blackbott deck built in St Ives by Mj Leckie Carpentry
Hardwood deck built to the side of a house
Composite deck and steps in progress
merbau hardwood deck in front of a vertical garden
low profile treated pine deck frame



We generally use H4 treated pine posts or galvanised steel stirrups to support the framing of the deck, these are installed in a way that lowers the risk of the steels rusting out or the post rotting. If these are not installed correctly it can detririate quickly and provide no support down the track.


H3 treated pine is the most commonly used framing by MJ Leckie Carpentry as it is more versatile in framing around posts and obstructions, for larger spans like areas were it is more difficult to install posts we would recommend steel framing.


If you are like me and love the natural look of timber and then a hardwood deck like merbau, spotted gum or black butt would be the option for you, just take into consideration that these should be oiled once a year depending on the products recommendations. If also like me you don't think you would have the time to do this or the money to pay someone to do it then consider doing a composite deck.